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PVH Mobile Automation designs, develops and produces software and electronic products with a focus on mobile machines and applications.

Our product and service packages cover almost all aspects of automation of mobile machines and applications.

Through extensive experience in the design of print plates, we are capable of developing customised electronics and producing in small and large numbers. By combining print plate solutions with housing, wiring harnesses and connectors, we realise technical and high-quality total solutions which can withstand the recalcitrant circumstances of mobile machines and applications.  Read more about us.



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Embedded systems

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We provide the intelligence for electromechanical total solutions through the development and application of the most diverse forms of software. This includes ISOBUS, which are software solutions on a print plate, as well as GPS, GPRS or intelligent sensors based on Sigfox, up to and including web applications, apps and dashboards for collecting and presenting machine performances.

We are supported by prestigious partners and suppliers in the development of automation solutions for mobile machines and applications. Since it was founded, PVH has successfully delivered products and services to customers in the civil engineering field, agricultural industry, agricultural mechanisation, automobile technology and automation.

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