The agricultural industry needs to increase production in order to be able to provide the growing world population with food. Hence the sector is increasing its use of automation, computerisation, complex machines and advanced systems to optimise and increase (agricultural) productivity. As a result, machine monitoring, telemetry systems and diagnosis possibilities are becoming ever more important. Given the short amount of time available for essential activities like planting and harvesting, the reliability and effectiveness of mobile electronics are crucial. High machine costs and periods of intensive use mean that downtime and repairs must be kept to a minimum.

A selection of our activities and services:

  • Machine electronics as a total solution: sensors, cabling, hardware and software.
  • Hydraulic operations
  • ISOBUS / J1939 / CAN solutions
  • GPS systems
  • Automatic piloting based on GPS
  • Analysis of machine performance through monitoring
  • Monitoring independent of brand and type
  • Enhancing of comfort through intuitive displays and joysticks

Innovative technologies in combination with reliability and sturdiness are trademarks of PVH Mobile Automation. Products and solutions are designed to function in the highly demanding environment of the agrarian sector. To guarantee that you profit from the newest technologies, we invest continually in knowledge and technology.

Agricultural projects

PVH Automations mobile controller

ISOBUS-spading machine

PVH Automation tracker

ISOBUS monitoring

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