Embedded systems consist of both hardware as well as software and are integrated (embedded) into a machine. Dutch-language designations for an embedded system are an ‘geïntegreerd’ (integrated) or ‘ingebed’ (embedded) system.  

Software and electronics are often integrated in machines and other equipment. Today, software and electronics are increasingly more prominently present in machines and other equipment. The objective for using software and electronics is to implement ‘intelligent behaviour’ in this machinery. The software is embedded in the electronics. The measuring and regulation function or other forms of ‘intelligence’ ensure that a machine, instrument or piece of equipment does exactly what it is supposed to do. PVH Mobile Automation provides the development, prototyping and production of embedded systems as a total solution.

This includes aspects such as:

  • Application software development
  • Firmware development
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design
  • Realisation of PCB prototype and production

Embedded systems projects

PVH Automations mobile controller

ISOBUS-spading machine

PVH Automation tracker

ISOBUS monitoring


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