Manufacturers of agricultural machines and related equipment throughout the world recognise ISOBUS as the universal protocol for communication between machinery, tractors and peripheral equipment.

The primary objective of this data technology is to standardise the communication that takes place between tractors, machines/instruments and peripheral equipment. The basis of this data technology is the international ISO 11783 standard: “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry – Serial control and communications data network”.

PVH Mobile Automation has been a member of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) since 2015. AEF was set up in 2008 by prominent manufacturers and industry organisations within the mechanical-agrarian sector. AEF focuses mainly on the development, implementation and maintenance of electronic communication protocols, with the pursuit of compatibility as the objective, regardless of the brand/type of tractor or machine.

As one of the 200 members of AEF, PVH Mobile Automation is involved in development. Our responsibility is the automation of tractors and machines, and thus we guarantee compatibility through the application of this data technology.

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